The women are claiming that they get paid less than men, so they might boycott the Olympics. I hope they do, just to show the world what pathetic whiners they really are. Nobody really cares about women’s soccer anyway, which is why they get paid less. But they can’t seem to understand how economics work.

If an employee makes the corporation $500k in profit a year, he’s likely to be paid more than an employee that brings in $50k of profits. Apparently these women fail to grasp that.

From Think Progress:

Two weeks ago, five of the biggest stars on the U.S. Women’s National Team filed a federal complaint on behalf of the team to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, accusing their employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation, of wage discrimination.

Despite their three World Cup titles and immense popularity — tickets to their latest friendly sold out in just 10 minutes — USWNT players are still paid as little as 40 percent of what the men’s team earns, according to USWNT lawyer Jeffrey Kessler.

Now, the team is indicating that it is willing to boycott the upcoming Olympics in Brazil if an agreement isn’t reached within a reasonable time frame.

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