I’m not quite sure if Kayleigh McEnany is an official Trump surrogate, but she is hands down my favorite political pundit right now. And she’s not even the hottest — I’d still rather hate fuck Megyn any day, to be honest — but she is the most well spoken, sharpest and most accurate pundit I’ve ever heard. But what really makes her my favorite is the way she has fully embraced this new-fangled conservative populist movement, and the way she’s always steering the narrative of the conversation to focus on populism, and to make it clear that that’s the true message of the Trump campaign, and explaining that that’s why Americans are voting for him in record numbers.

On CNN tonight, there was some loser Cruz-bot named Steve Deace that absolutely lost it, all because Kayleigh stated that Colorado was a “voterless election” that disenfranchised the people. Home boy flipped his wig, started screaming that she’s a liar — which caused the host and the other guest to turn on their womanly-defense mechanism (even though they pretty much openly hate Trump). Subsequently, they told him repetitively that he was way out of line, that he had no business calling her those insults — all while Kayleigh patiently waited her turn to speak. When a CNN host is vehemently defending one of Trump’s most outspoken advocates, you know you done fucked up!

And when my future wifey did get her turn to speak, that psycho went back to screaming over her and losing his mind. He was literally so triggered, live on CNN, that he couldn’t let her finish a word without the risk of blowing his o-ring. This was the most epic debate on cable news that I’ve ever seen. Cruz-losers are truly on suicide watch right about now. The jig is up, lolbertardians — economic conservatism is dead. Populism is the new future of the GOP. You lost. Deal with it.