The temper tantrums are cute, but here’s some reality. (Editorial)

2016 Presidential Election Results by County2016 Presidential Election Results by County

Congress must certify the Electors’ votes, so even if you flip ~70 Electors to vote against their state’s popular vote, you’d have to get the Republican Congress to accept the results.

Doing so would result in civil war (no hyperbole). Half the country won’t sit around while the current process (which everyone was aware of) is completely ignored in favor of the losers. The Electors and Congress know this. Right now some of the country is in the streets, but that’s due to the results of people voting under the current system. The Electors and Congress had nothing to do with that. You think they’d now want to insert themselves and be the ones who start a national bloodbath, by actively overturning the already established results and deviating from the process to appease those who lost? I’m guessing NO. It’s an Electoral College landslide, not merely a few votes. I applaud the efforts in trying, but it’s not happening.

Why didn’t people move to ratify a new Constitutional amendment abolishing the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote after Bush v. Gore in 2000?

Complaining about the process after the fact is like complaining you would’ve won a basketball game if three pointers weren’t allowed. If all the players knew that was part of the game but didn’t like it, why didn’t they do something about it before continuing to play the game that way?

A new Constitutional amendment would require approval from 3/4ths of the states. Do you think some tiny-ass state, which is already ignored, would agree to completely cede what little influence it has to the other states with larger population centers?

No. They’ll never agree to that. Why would they? You can forget it.

Campaigns currently focus on electoral votes and ignore the popular vote, because the popular vote literally does not matter under the current system. If the popular vote was the actual process, campaigning would be completely different.

Comparing actual results under an Electoral College system, to hypothetical results under a purely popular vote system, is apples-to-oranges. Most people couldn’t even predict the results under the current system accurately, so pretending to be able to extrapolate the current popular vote totals to a completely different hypothetical system is preposterous.

Even under the current system’s results, what are we talking about here? Several tenths of a percentage difference, when the entire country didn’t even vote? That’s not much of statement. Under a completely different set of rules, a candidate could’ve totally overcome that difference. Regardless, let’s just stick to the actual certified totals when all is said and done, not the media forcing this popular vote meme when they don’t even know the final count yet. Nobody knows the final count yet. All this speculation is from the same people who got the entire election wrong. No thanks.

Yeah, yeah. We all need to vent and I’m sure “fighting the power” on the Book of Faces or Twatter is somewhat therapeutic for you. But let’s not get carried away here.

In the end, I enjoy all the salt flowing from my feed, so carry on…


The end.