Apparently equal rights only goes one direction for radical feminists, as they want the right to discriminate against whole classes of Americans based on “statistics” From Quartz:

A new women-only ride-sharing service, Chariot for Women, is set to launch April 19 in Boston, Massachusetts. Surprisingly, its founder is not a former female passenger who felt unsafe in an Uber—as many of us have—but Michael Pelletz, an Uber driver who had a revelation when he felt threatened by a passenger.

“What if I was a woman?” Pelletz, wrote on the company’s website. In fact, worries about safety are why his wife Kelly—who is now Chariot for Women’s president—decided not to drive for Uber, he said.

Pelletz told TechCrunch his ride-sharing service will be safer overall thanks to more stringent background checks and additional steps to ensure riders correctly match with their drivers. He also said the company will not use surge pricing and will donate two percent of each fare to charity.

That all sounds great. But “whether it’s legal or not is a different question,” Joseph L. Sulman, an employment law specialist, told the Boston Globe. According to civil rights lawyers, Chariots for Women’s female-only policies could put it squarely in the crosshairs of gender discrimination lawsuits, which would be difficult to win.

Adding that the service would also pick up children under 13 regardless of gender, as well as transwomen, Pelletz said he would welcome the legal challenge.

I realize, like all start-ups, this is just a shameless cash grab trying to scoop a few foolish investors. This guy doesn’t actually care about women’s safety, because if he did, he would realize his new Taxi doesn’t protect anyone. To the contrary, it will give a would-be-attacker a female victim-on-demand, delivered straight to him. And to get access to the car, all he would have to do is claim he’s a woman. Lord knows that “self identification” is the only proof progressives need of transgenderism, so if anything this scheme just puts drivers more at risk.

Not to mention it’s fucking illegal to discriminate against protected classes of Americans, including sex.

They attempt to use crime statistics to justify discrimination, but if that is an acceptable avenue to pursue, then Taxi services would be justified in refusing service to Black men, considering that Blacks have far higher rates of violent crime per capita.

Open discrimination is now “progressive”, as long as the discrimination goes the right way. These aren’t the first retards to think of a women only taxi service either. There’s a failed one called SheTaxis, that barely even employs women drivers at this point. This scammer isn’t even original, and he probably doesn’t care that his scam will be found illegal and discriminatory, because at that point he’ll have already cashed out.