I can’t believe this. Racist, redneck bikers showed up to intimidate the amazing and brave Black Lives Matter protesters who were holding a vigil to remember their fallen brethren.

The local report fills us in:

Hundreds of protesters of all ethnicities gathered at Archer Park and marched to City Hall during a RGV for Black Lives vigil on Saturday.

The protesters were not alone. Their chants could hardly be heard over the revving of hundreds of motorcycles in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. They biked for the men and women in blue with American flags waving.

Really? So now racists show up at rallies, revving their motors to indimidate innocent blacks, and that’s legal? Isn’t there some kind of law against KKK groups intimidating blacks? If not there needs to be! And then this local paper gives the racists a platform to spread their disgusting ideology:

Lupita Perez and her husband were among the bikers who advocated for the lives of Valley police officers.

“I support peace officers because they have a tough job,” the La Villa native said. “They take an oath. No matter what you do, there’s bad people. There’s bad people in the military, there’s bad people in the church, there’s bad people everywhere. Just because there’s a few bad cops doesn’t mean that they hate blacks and are going to kill blacks.”

But they do actually hate blacks, and that’s why the racist cops keep killing them. When will these bigots ever learn that we need to get rid of all the white, racist cops, so that black people aren’t being executed?