Skipping past discussions and reasoning, progressives at Quartz magazine claim to have invented a “scientific method” of pure indoctrination to keep the white devil at bay. They start off by brainwashing students that racial discrimination is the only real form of discrimination, and nothing else even matters:

In our experience, when introducing the concept of race and oppression, the first defense is usually a diversion led by the students to the topic of the oppression of red-headed people, the overweight, the disabled, or their own immigrant heritages. We aim to explain to the group how although these experiences, while indeed oppressive, are not comparable to the centuries of enslavement, race-based legislation, systematic incarceration, and unequal wealth distribution that is racism in the United States.

Yeah, I’m sure that fat-ass Quasi-moto lookin’ dude with the weird ass face doesn’t face any sort of real, daily struggle. The best way to indoctrinate white people is apparently to claim that all of their struggles are meaningless.

The other class favorite is the derailment to a discussion about “reverse racism,” where we often defer to comedian Aamer Rahmen’s three minute video to resolve. What begins as a workshop often ends up feeling much more like a battle. Facilitators before us have gone so far as to outline specific participation guidelines for these workshops such as ”speak from your own experience” (i.e. no playing devil’s advocate or using hypotheticals) to nip some of the other common defense mechanisms in the bud and to promote more productive conversations.

According to these psychopaths, racism against white people is simply impossible, and most likely encouraged. They literally don’t care that white kids are getting their heads smashed in simply for going to school while white. Those crackers probably deserved it, right?

We’ve taught similar anti-oppression trainings at Dev Bootcamp, where we worked as in-house psychotherapists and emotional intelligence educators, and we’ve struggled with similar challenges.

Ah, ok. They don’t want to be called “social justice warriors” anymore. Now, they’re “emotional intelligence educators”. Just think about how Orwellian her self-chosen job title is. These people are sick.

The rest of the article goes over some other steps to brainwashing white youth into guilt-tripping themselves into submission.