Newsweek Journalist Cries “Assault” After Epileptic Seizure Triggered By Pepe Meme on Twitter


In one of the funniest, most hysterical op-eds I’ve ever seen on Newsweek, the author claims he was cyber-assaulted by a Pepe meme. That’s not hyperbole, either — he truly believes that being sent a meme on Twitter rose to the level of criminal assault because the meme intentionally triggered his epilepsy. In an article titled, “How Donald Trump Supporters Attack Journalists“, the journalist cries out:

Shortly after I wrote an article for Newsweek about how Donald Trump’s business interests could undermine national security should he be elected president, one of his supporters assaulted me. He used the internet to do it.

Then he goes on to detail his history with the seizure-causing brain disorder:

Throughout my adulthood, I have never made a secret of the fact that I have epilepsy. It’s better controlled now than it has been during other parts of my life, but not completely—my neurologist tells me I have intractable epilepsy, meaning treatment will never bring the condition fully under control.

Here’s where it gets funny. Apparently, after writing an anti-Trump article, someone on Twitter engaged him:

A couple of weeks later, after my article about how Trump’s business interests would create a conflict of unprecedented proportions, I received a tweet from someone with the twitter handle “Mike’s Deplorable AF.” Like many Trump supporters, he has chosen to identify himself as deplorable to mock the label once used by Clinton to describe the racists, neo-Nazis, homophobes and like who have crawled out of the sewer to cheer for the Republican nominee. Mike, however, is indeed deplorable.

In his tweet, which has since been deleted, Mike made mention of my seizures and included a small video. It contained images of Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character that has been identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a hate symbol. I was carrying my iPad, looking at the still image on the video and, without thinking, touched the PLAY button.

The video was some sort of strobe light, with flashing circles and images of Pepe flying toward the screen. It’s what’s called epileptogenic—something that triggers seizures. Fortunately, since I was standing, I simply dropped my iPad to the ground the second I realized what Mike had done. It landed face down on the bathroom floor.

The deplorables are real. The deplorables are dangerous.

Hahah, yeah, it’s someone else’s fault that you dropped your own iPad on the bathroom floor. It’s someone else’s fault that you got triggered. Typical liberal logic. Although it would been even funnier if he dropped his phone into the toilet or something, I suppose this will suffice. The Pepe meme in question was probably something like this:

Look, I feel for the guy. I really do (I don’t). But if you literally get triggered by memes so hard that it causes adverse effects to your health, maybe, just maybe…. Twitter isn’t for you. Epileptic Pepe memes are an integral part  of ‘chan culture’, and have been for many years. Expecting anons to abandon their culture simply because a journalist gets triggered is asinine and racist.

Okay, so maybe it’s not actually racist. But if leftists can pull the race card whenever they want, even when something has nothing to do with race, then I can pull it whenever I want, too. RACISTS!

Furthermore, the fact that the journo was stupid enough to “feed the troll” by writing a hilarious article whining about how the troll was a 1000% success is a sure way to make sure that similar incidents happen in the future. Either the original guy will start doing it again, or copycats will. That’s just how the Internet works.

Just look at him sperg about it on Twitter, where it’s sure to invite new assaults. Maybe that’s what he wants?