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We’ve all heard of the “wage gap”, which states that women earn around 80 cents per dollar that every man makes. Well, it is indeed true that men make more money, but the also work higher paying jobs, riskier jobs, and longer hours. Apparently, pointing out uncomfortable economic truths that make the rad-fems calling for “equal pay” for unequal work look like lying psychopaths is a cause of great consternation for the modern progressive.

On the official “equal pay day”, a writer at HuffPo went all out in her attempt to justify her flawed logic in demands for more money for women — and she failed miserably. The article is titled, “No, The Gender Pay Gap Isn’t A Myth — And Here’s Why“, but she totally fails to deliver on sensible reasoning:

One of the most common arguments made about the gender pay gap is that it simply doesn’t exist. Take this Wall Street Journal op-ed lamenting the “The ‘Wage Gap’ Myth That Won’t Die,” or this one from CBS Money Watch that asserts The Gender Pay Gap Is A Complete Myth.” Read the comments in just about any article on the subject. Pay gap deniers abound.

But dismissing the pay gap as a myth created by rabid feminists who can’t wrap their brains around the subtleties of economics is a crappy thing to do, and it’s also plain innacurate. So on Equal Pay Day — a day that marks how far into 2016 women have to work to catch up with what men earned last year — we explore why pay equity simply has not been achieved, and why that cannot be dismissed.

The “79 cents” claim isn’t wrong. 

Nobody is arguing that the 79 cents claim isn’t accurate. We’re just claiming that it’s not honest directly compare the wages of people that are working different jobs, such as a doctor and a nurse, as if the nurse is somehow getting screwed out of pay that the doctor makes. We’re just claiming that women work less hours, and specifically less overtime. In the real world, people who are less dedicated to work, and work less hours, get paid less. To feminism, this is proof of the patriarchy.

Pay gap deniers love to dispute the claim that, on average, women in the United States make 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, arguing that it is a misleading oversimplification. “Few experts dispute that there is a wage gap, but differences in the life choices of men and women — such as women tending to leave the workforce when they have children — make it difficult to make simple comparisons. That’s what’s so facile about repeatedly citing ‘78 cents,’” argued a 2015 Washington Post article. (Since that piece came out, the figure increased from 78 to 79 cents.)

But the argument that “life choices” made by women are the real reason behind the gap is, in itself, an absurd oversimplification. Sure, many women choose to stay home or cut back their hours after having children. But many others don’t opt out. They’re forced out because they cannot afford child care, or find a full-time job that affords them any kind of flexibility. And, culturally, Americans remain ambivalent about women working outside of the home. A little more than 30 percent of Americans still believe women should stay home full-time to care for young children. These biases, which play out both in the workplace and outside of it, affect how much “choice” some women feel they actually have, and speaks to the types of judgments women face for making said choices. Plus, women face a well-known “motherhood penalty.” They’re less likely to be hired for jobs once they have children — unlike men, whose prospects improve.

Ah, they call reality an “absurd oversimplification”, then go on to say that many women don’t choose to work less, they are forced to work less by the evil patriarchy and those dastardly societal norms. I guess her argument is that men need to subsidize women because women choose to take care of other responsibilities instead of working longer hours. She did a magnificently horrible job at refuting the argument that the wage gap is a myth, because her only real justification is that women have no agency, and can’t make life decisions for themselves.

Yep, feminists are now claiming that women are stupid and can’t think for themselves.

And P.S.: Although that same Washington Post piece attempts to downplay the pay gap by pointing out that, really, women who don’t get married earn closer to 95 cents for every dollar a man makes, that shouldn’t make anyone feel better. It implies that for women to earn equal wages, they simply shouldn’t get hitched, and ignores the simple fact that FIVE CENTS IS STILL A GAP.

It turns out that the real story is that married women tend to either be lazier, or are busier taking care of their families. With single women, the “wage gap” falls into the margin of error and therefor isn’t even really a gap.

So what have we learned from today? Progressives are freaking out that their fabricated crisis is being called out on all fronts, and they are totally incapable of defending their thesis without resorting to falsehoods. The best part of the article was the comments section, where all the top comments blew the rad-fems’ retardation out of the water. Yes, even HuffPo readers aren’t buying the wage gap bullshit any longer.