Now that Donald Trump has been revealed to be the Republican presumptive nominee, the Left is starting to freak out, realizing exactly how flawed their candidate is. First of all, she’s in the midst of two separate FBI investigations into her possible improprieties as Secretary of State. The most talked about investigation is regarding her mishandling of classified government documents on her private email server, and the second is regarding suspicious payments from foreign governments that seemingly line up with dates of key policy decisions that Mrs. Clinton was responsible for.

It’s not just the Right that’s talking about Clinton’s ongoing scandals anymore — the Left is now hitting her hard, knowing that Clinton has the power to take the whole party down if she doesn’t step down now. The Huffington Post, ironically, printed a great critique of her improprieties just a couple days ago, calling for the Democrat party to rally behind Sanders, or face their own peril:

…the Espionage Act has a clause stating “gross negligence” (President Obama stated there was “carelessness” involved) is enough to prosecute anyone mishandling state secrets.

If you combine the fact that Clinton’s excuse of convenience is most likely an overt lie, along with the “gross negligence” clause, then it’s easy to see why Democrats must rally around Bernie Sanders. I explain to Hillary supporters why this email fiasco is very simple to understand in the following YouTube segment. These issues are straightforward, not difficult to comprehend, and I also highlight why Clinton likely faces indictments in this YouTube segment.

If you want a great summary from an IT perspective, Tim Black of Tim Black TV has a brilliant segment titled Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation Just Went Thermonuclear.

Furthermore, according to Politico, the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose 1100 foreign donors. Ruh roh.

These article might have caused the Bernie bros (and sisters) to wake up, as only few days later — and after The Donald officially became the Republicans’ presumptive nominee — Twitter went nuts with a new hashtag campaign telling Clinton to step down if she wants to save the party from being tied up in her scandals. Of course, the Hillary-bots blamed the hashtag on sexism alone:

In reality, people weren’t criticizing Clinton because they were sexist women-haters. They had legitimate issues with Clinton, and raised them without even being rude or calling her childish or offensive names. Apparently bringing up uncomfortable truths is sexist.






While the press might be largely giving Senator Clinton a pass in terms of hard questions and talking about her scandals, social media didn’t. It’s great to see that normal people are holding her feet to the fire, and it’s good to see that Twitter didn’t censor the hashtag — it trended #1. Meanwhile, Clinton is calling for collusion in the media to team up and go after Donald Trump with claws out. As if they hadn’t been already!