At the University of Ohio, students can’t handle the exercise of free speech on a wall that was specifically meant for free speech to be exercised. After noticing that some people from the Greek system wrote “build that wall” and “Trump 2016” on the free speech wall, the university flipped out and punished the entire Greek system by altering their party week and not giving permission for any alcohol related events.

This article itself is extremely biased, and starts out with this glaring falsehood:

Several events for Ohio University’s Greek Week, an annual, weeklong event focused on philanthropy, have been canceled after some Sorority and Fraternity Life members painted “Build the Wall” on an area typically designated for graffiti last week.

The Greek Week events, set to take place between April 11 and 18, were amended after unnamed members of Sorority and Fraternity Life painted the graffiti wall by Bentley Hall, including the phrase “Build the Wall,” according to a letter sent Sunday to sororities and fraternities.

The phrase has been a part of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign to construct a wall between the United States and Mexico to discourage immigration from South and Central American countries.

Emphasis added by me. Notice how in the bold sentence, the author shows their bias and lies about Trump’s policy. The wall is clearly intended to discourage illegal immigration, not immigration in general. The scribe continues:

The letter was addressed to the “OU Sorority and Fraternity Life community and supporters,” and was signed by the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Women’s Panhellenic Association.

“This phrase is offensive and hurtful to many individuals as it is directly tied to the Hispanic/Latino/a community, makes them feel marginalized, and the message was interpreted that they do not belong at Ohio University,” the letter stated.

Oh, so freedom of speech is only actually free when it isn’t offensive to progressives. Makes perfect sense.

The Post obtained a copy of the week’s highlighted events prior to the changes announced Sunday. Airbands, an annual event in which groups perform skits and dances, a dodgeball tournament and a 90s Field Day were listed on the original schedule but are not listed on the letter.

The governing councils also made the decision to not approve or support any official or unofficial social activities involving alcohol during Greek Week, the letter stated.

So the school punished the entire Greek system at the public university by canceling many of their planned events, simply because students expressed political opinions. The shit bag administrators didn’t even have the balls to admit they were punishing the students by canceling the events. Check out this doublespeak:

“In making these changes, we understand that there are many who will feel that this is a punishment,” the letter stated. “We acknowledge that some teams have made efforts to be inclusive, but as a collective it is our responsibility to hold each other accountable with the ultimate goal of unifying the community.”

The weasel can’t even admit that they are punishing the students, because it would leave the school open to law suits. So they dish out the punishments but deny that that’s what they were. Clever.

“Indeed, this wall is a place of free speech and expression; however, the words painted were troubling because they had a very different meaning to some than they may have to others viewing the message or even to those who painted the message,” McDavis said in the email.

Yeah, stupid. The wall is for freedom of speech but not that type of speech. What the fuck is wrong with you?

The hypocrisy here is that the university flipped out over a mural on the same wall only a few months ago, and that time they were freaking out because someone painted over a BlackLivesMatter mural. So the university freaks out when someone paints of a mural, even though it didn’t break any rules. But now the university freaked out and is demanding the wall be painted over immediately. Both the administration and the students have been exposed as the totalitarian psychopaths that they are.