We all know that the Muslim special-interest group CAIR has close ties to Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, but now they’ve set their site on American businesses — now they are filing criminal charges of discrimination in order to force businesses to let Muslims have special breaks so that they can do their daily prayers at work:

A group of Somali Muslims are filing charges against a hardware company for refusing to accommodate their prayer schedule and firing those who do not comply, arguing the organization’s actions amount to religious discrimination.

Last Thursday, the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) filed discrimination charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on behalf of 21 Somali-Muslim workers. The complaint alleges that Truth Hardware and Doherty Staffing Solutions denied factory workers in Owatonna, MN, the right to perform a religious ritual observed by millions of followers of Islam — praying five times daily — while on the job.

CAIR-MN claims that several Muslim employees requested a religious accommodation to break from their work during the day for a brief prayer, but were instructed by management to wait until the end of a shift before participating in the ritual. Those that refused were told to stop working until the company created a new shift system, yet administrators reportedly never called noncompliant employees back to work, and fired several others for “violating the bathroom policy” by spilling water on the floor — actions CAIR-MN says are discriminatory.

First of all, this line of logic is extremely flawed. For instance, if it becomes the government’s job to force businesses to give special exemptions and special treatment to people of certain religion, other religions will start demanding the same thing. The Jews will start filing discrimination charges against businesses that force them to work on Saturday, some Christians will start filing criminal charges against those who force them to work on Sundays.

As you might imagine, Rastafarians will start filing discrimination against businesses that don’t allow them to smoke weed, and Pastafarians will go after businesses that don’t let them eat spaghetti on the job. Me? Well, I’m a member of the Orthodox Church of Fellatio, and if somebody doesn’t let me get my dick sucked at work I’m gonna go after them for all they’re worth. I mean, the definition of “religion” is spurious, considering they’re all protected equally from government discrimination, which means that if these CAIR authoritarians got their way, then anybody could create their own religion with their own stipulations, and then go after any company that didn’t give them special treatment.

This whole story is extremely similar to that dumbfuck Muslim that took a job as a cashier at Costco as a bagger, then claimed he needed a full time assistant because he couldn’t perform the job duty because his religion wouldn’t let him touch or handle pork products. Costco did try to give the employee a job that his religion would allow him to do — they reassigned him to shopping cart collection duty. Unfortunately he saw the job reassignment as a form of discrimination, so he decided to sue.

If CAIR is successful in their efforts to strong arm businesses into obeying all Muslims’ religious demands, it will be tantamount to enforcing Sharia law in the USA. The great irony here is that it’s progressives that are complaining that the government isn’t forcing businesses to enforce Sharia law — I found out about this story on the uber-progressive website, Think Progress.

Progressives have completely flipped on their own ideals — just a few short years ago, they were fighting to keep anything religious out of schools or business, and they would have certainly fought tooth and nail against any legislation from the right that attempted to force business to give Christians special treatment at work. But the left has essentially been bought and paid for by radical Islamic special-interest groups such as CAIR that attempt to subvert American laws and society to bend to their end game of Sharia enforcement worldwide.

Progressives have turned into nothing but massive, currupt, hypocrites, who want to normalize and push a backwards, oppressive ideology on the rest of America — through any means necessary. Even if it means using anti-discrimination laws to discriminate against non-Muslim business owners.