So there was an unofficial Trump rally in Anaheim today where a “protestor” got pissed that people support policies he doesn’t like, and pepper sprayed the crowd before running off. Before you jump on my nuts by accusing me of click-baiting by classifying pepper spray as terrorism, let’s look at the definition:


A guy who decides to violently attack a group of peaceful people who simply have different political views than him is a clear cut case of domestic terrorism, albeit low-level. Don’t worry, things will escalate. The Left is so buddy-buddy with radical Islam at this point that they’ll probably learn some new techniques for political coercion and intimidation. The media really needs to quit calling violent people who are targeting others for their politics “protestors”. They are terrorists, as they fit the definition.

The worst part about this pepper attack was that some innocent kids caught maced in the process. Here’s a pic of them crying:


Here’s a picture of the terrorist in action:


Here’s the video of the whole thing going down:

And here’s a video of a local news report which covered some of the aftermath:

I can’t confirm, but I’ve heard reports that some media outlets were trying to spin it like it was Trump supporters who committed the terrorism. Nice try, lying liars.

This is what fascism looks like. In the news report above, it notes that the reason pro-Trump people were even there is because the city was considering passing a resolution to denounce Trump. Yes, they’re openly talking about “denouncing” political parties officially by the state, and now the anti-Trump Brownshirts are resorting to terrorizing their political foes with violence and disruption of the democratic process? Where have we seen that happen before? This is the seeds of true fascism, yet these idiots can’t even look in the mirror while they accuse Trump of being a fascist.

In 1984, war was peace. In 2016, banning political parties and using violence against dissenters is anti-fascist activism.